This year, we’re focusing on issues relating to intersection and innovation. The four verticals are: earth's environment, entertainment, social impact, and the creator economy. We’re encouraging every participant to tackle the problems plaguing today’s world and innovate ideas around them.


Please note this event is only open to people who applied for HackSC 2022 and received an acceptance email. 

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$8,325 in prizes

HackSC 2022 Vertical: Earth's Environment

Our planet’s carbon footprint is growing exponentially so we must also explore how to be sustainable with technology.

This package includes a Fujifilm Instax Camera, HydroFlask water bottle, JBL Bluetooth Speaker, northern lights projector, and a pair of blue light glasses to keep our environmental activists’ vibes sustained.

HackSC 2022 Vertical: Entertainment

L.A. is the home world of entertainment. This intersection will bring together technology and all forms of production to create new products and ideas.

This package is perfect for students who game. It includes a mechanical keyboard, a remote-controlled car, a gaming mouse, Google Stadia, and blue light glasses for the long nights spent gaming.

HackSC 2022 Vertical: Social Impact

Let’s create new spaces and ways to deepen our understandings of the people who surround us and don’t.

The Essentials Package
This package includes everything that a college students needs: an air fryer, a pair of AirPods, a Timbuktu backpack, and a heated blanket.

HackSC 2022 Vertical: Creator Economy

The passion and creator ecosystem is an intersection of art, individual passion, and self starting.

This cash prize of $400 will allow the entrepreneurial winner to spend it how they please.

Snap Sponsored Challenge (3)

Build a Lens that promotes health and wellness (i.e. fitness, mental wellness, etc). Use at least one of these Lens Studio features: Connected Lenses, Physics, or Speech To Text*

Build a Lens that lets people learn something new, gain a new skill. Use at least one of these Lens Studio features: Connected Lenses, Physics, Speech To Text*, or Location Trigger.

*This is a new feature and recording content may be tricky. If you build with this, your deliverable could be completed via videos from Lens Studio or Snapchat instead of on Spectacles if necessary

1st prize
• New specs for 6 months
• Spectacles 3
• $500 Amazon giftcard
• Mentor session with Snap Product

2 x Runners up
• Spectacles 3
• $250 Amazon giftcard

Category Challenge - Best Use of Google Cloud (2)

Use one or multiple Google Cloud products in your project.

1st place team members will receive their own Google Cloud branded backpack (available to be shipped domestically and internationally).

2nd place team members will receive their own Google Cloud swag box and credits to the Google Cloud Skills Boost platform, (Swag boxes can only be shipped domestically).

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:




Judging Criteria

  • Technological complexity
    How challenging was it for the team to complete in the 36 hour window? Is the project technologically impressive? Complex? Does it seem remarkable that someone could achieve this hack in just a day or two?
  • Functionality
    How functional is this hack at the time of the demo? Has the team thought through and/or planned how to develop and launch/release their product? Is the project realistic?
  • Feasibility
    How practical and achievable is the hack idea being presented (considering the 36-hour window, technology, and other resources)? Is it scalable?
  • Passion
    How excited and passionate is the team about solving the problem they chose?
  • Wow factor
    Impressiveness - how original is the idea? Creativity - Has this hack been done before? Does this project make others think this is a really cool idea and question why they didn't think of it before?

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